Sensitive Security Information, Certified

Sensitive security information is stolen every 3 seconds.  Are you protected?  Become Sensitive Security Information, Certified®.  This program was created to teach you how to protect the information critical to your organization and personal life.  These tools will strengthen your credentials and enhance your career.

Government Agencies are at risk when:

  • spies infiltrate facilities
  • employees lack discretion
  • doing business with foreign countries

Consumers are at risk when:

  • they place credit/debit card information online
  • they enter passwords or PINs
  • they provide social security numbers

Businesses are at rusk when:

  • facilities are not physically secure
  • networks are susceptible
  • employees are not properly trained

The SSI, Certified course empowers you to:

  • learn repeating historical patterns and methods of espionage
  • detect betrayal
  • protect personal computers
  • guard against identity theft
  • know the law surrounding SSI (HIPPA, Homeland Security Act, Economic Espionage Act)
  • defend businesses from corporate espionage

How to Become Certified

  • Register for the course at or call ABCHS Headquarters at (877) 219-2519
  • Purchase your preferred method of study, online course material, CD version of course material, textbook, or all three.
  • Complete and pass the 100 question online exam



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8 Responses to Sensitive Security Information, Certified

  1. Sarah says:

    This is some scary stuff, where can I learn more to better protect myself?

    • admin says:

      If you would like to learn more about protecting yourself against people who would want to steal your sensitive information, check out our course Sensitive Security Information Certified here

  2. Derek Hall says:

    Reading how our sensitive information is out in the world truly freaks me out. I hope all businesses and institutions take the time to be Sensitive Information Security, Certified. Thanks Dr. Robert O’Block for posting this article.

  3. Lisa Rude says:

    Listening to Steven Loftin talk about Dr. Robert O’Block’s American Board for Certification in Homeland Security and the Executive Summit helped give me great perspective. I can definitely see how important this is to Homeland Security.

  4. Nathan Whitford says:

    After reading the article published by Dr. Robert O’Block on Sensitive Security Information I see that we can lose our information in a ton of ways. I am going to look into getting certified myself.

  5. Amanda says:

    It is crazy to think about some of the schemes that people are coming up with these days to gain access to your information. I was so happy to find an organization that makes it possible to learn the best way to protect yourself and your information as best as you can, all thanks to Dr. Robert O’Block and his passion for people and education.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Listening to Mr. Loftin talk about The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security and seeing his passion for not only the association but for his profession makes me want to learn more about the association! I’ve seen several articles out there published by Dr. Robert O’Block regarding the ABCHS and the programs that they offer, after seeing this I’m defiantly going to read more and consider joining.

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